Welcome to the Pen-High Reunion Site


“You can't make old friends, you either have them or you don't.”

— kenny rogers

Why this site?

The Committee planning the 50th Anniversary Reunion for the 1968 Grad Class determined that there was no centralized location for publishing reunion information for the many class reunions that were being planned.  For multiple reasons a grad may want to attend a reunion of a class to either side of her or his grad year but had no way to determine if, when or where reunions were being held.  We hope this site provides that information to all of you.

To see if your class has registered and is planning your reunion click on the "Reunions" link at the top of this page.

The Class Reunion

- Ann Luna

My class reunion's coming,
and I don't know what to do.
My weight and chins have doubled
since the year of '62.

I look into the mirror and--
Good Grief! How can this be?
Gray hair, false teeth, thick glasses--
It's my mother's face I see!

But I head out to the party.
No sense moping, I decide.
I'll just have to grin and bear it.
(But I'm dying, deep inside.)

Then I walk into the banquet hall
And stop. There's some mistake.
Not a single classmate do I find.
Did I confuse the date?

Still the faces seem familiar,
As each one I keenly stare at . . .
Then I realize I'm looking at--Good Grief!
My classmates' parents!

To Old Pen-Hi I pledge fidelity,

For it’s the best school in the valley,

And though I leave her portals far behind,

Her memories will always linger in my mind.

When High school days are all but reveries,

Of Old Pen-Hi I’ll still have memories,

I’ll ere esteem her love as days of old,

The Purple and The Gold

Pen-Hi Song

Get Involved

If your class has significant anniversary coming up someone is thinking about planning a reunion. To make a reunion successful requires more effort and planning than you may realize.  Your contribution will lessen the workload,  If your class is listed in the "Reunions Planned" tab get in contact with those who have started planning.  If it is not listed get in touch with the staff at The Shatford Centre to see if there are others that have discussed starting planning.